A Touch of Opulence

mrhb / May 15, 2017

A Touch of Opulence is here!! Due to an act of nature we had a major accident on our previously named the Enterprize last October. It was deemed to be written off and we have just finished completely rebuilding the boat from the pontoons up. We decided that we would rebuild the Enterprize with a completely different layout and look. Hence the new name “A touch of Opulence”. It is considerably larger, has 4 bedrooms with queen-size beds and a sofa bed so ideally will sleep 8 to 10. It also has two bathrooms and an open plan lounge/Kitchen. Upstairs it has a BBQ, the same quality dining table and chairs as Decadence, daybeds and of course a spa. It will be glassed in either side of the top deck later this year. The boat features quite a lot of black tinted glass and looks impressive. The quality of linen and appointments are similar to Indulgence and Decadence. In fact the lounge suite is basically the same as Decadence. The boat is considerably more elaborate than what the Enterprize was, but still not quite at the level of Indulgence and Decadence. However this will be a very popular boat. It is nice that something exciting has come out of an unfortunate situation.

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